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Application This production line is mainly used to produce mattresses, cushion, and resilient wadding needs utilizing low melt fibers in various percentages as the bonding medium. Product net width: ≤3600mm
Application The production line is used to produce the products for acoustic insulating material, automobile interlining, mattress, etc. Product net width: ≤2200mm Product thickness: 20mm-150mm Product specification: ≤2500g/㎡
Application: Used to produce nonwoven for top sheet ,back sheet,ADL layer applied to baby diaper, female sanitary towel, etc.. Also as pre-filter layer of N95 mask. The thick product can be used for infant sleeping bag, bedding, sofa cushion and so on. Product width: ≤2600mm Product specification: 16g/m2-100g/m2 Working speed: ≤100m/min
Application: Used to produce felt for automotive interior, insulation, packing, mattress, and furniture, etc.. Product width: ≤2500mm Product specification: 500g/m2-3000 g/m2
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