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YINGYANG at ITMA, in Spain Barcelona —Velour needle loom

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2020/05/26 09:22
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  ITMA Innovation from China’s Number 1


Following a notable debut at ITMA in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019, YINGYANG NONWOVEN MACHINERY – China’s leading manufacturer of complete nonwoven manufacturing lines –has significantly expanded its global reach. The company was extremely pleased to have held productive discussions with a good number of existing as well as potential new customers during the exhibition. Now, YINGYANG is looking forward to collaborating even further with customers, with extended possibilities at ITMA 2019.

As the biggest supplier of nonwoven machinery and technology in China, YINGYANG has extensive experience of over 26 years in the field of nonwoven machinery with multiple solutions under one roof across industrial end-use segments. The company has a reputation for high levels of accurate design, precise manufacturing, rigid assembly and attentive service.

YINGYANG serves satisfied customers in more than 70 countries. The emphasis for the company is on high capacity and high quality, with careful attention to energy conservation,environmental protection, stability, reliability and high automation. Taking concrete steps in the direction of greater sustainability, YINGYANG has developed acoustic evolution solutions for the value-added high-performance acoustic absorbers, which are more ecological, robust, sustainable and flexible in their application than any other comparable product.The acoustic products made by YINGYANG’s latest technology are widely used for offices, retail, restaurants, hotels, gyms and cinemas etc.

With a product weight of up to 3800g/sqm, it also features as ecological, sustainable, robust and low maintenance, acoustic, moisture regulating, emission free, heat storage, flame retardant,decorative and voc free etc.

The idea and prospect of YINGYANG development is to supply machinery based on the request of lower production costs, higher throughputs and speeds, improved product quality, as well as sustainable and intelligent production. We would like to cooperate with the international nonwoven industry to provide the: World’s Best Value in Nonwoven Machinery