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The purpose of random velour machine is to make a non-directional velour pile effect on a nonwoven substrate for end uses such as automotive, floor covering, wall covering and felt for toys etc. 
Main specification  
Raw material:         Synthetic fiber such as Polyester, Polypropylene, etc. 
Product weight:      300-800gram/㎡
Working width:       2000-5000 mm 
Needle density:      (5000n/m or 8000n/m)*2 needle boards
Needle stroke:        30mm 
Needle frequency:  2000s/min
● High precision double crank shaft system drives high strength needle punching system made of aluminum alloy. 
● Central oil lubrication circulation and cooling system complete with pressure and temperature alarm systems
● High quality long service life brushes are fitted into a unique brush conveyor system which offers a perfect penetration base for a clean smooth material surface during running.
● Right brush stripping position with mark free. 
● Equipped with double cleaning system.
● The whole machine utilizes PLC interface by touch screen and production parameters clearly displayed on HMI to make operating parameters easy to change, and parameters can be saved.