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FFP2 Meltblown filter fabric


25gsm 100% PP material melt blown non-woven fabric/nonwoven fabric BFE/PFE99
1. Fabric Function

Melt-blown non-woven fabric is an ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric under stretched by strong hot air. The fiber diameter is about 2 microns, which is the finest of all fibers.

Melt blown non-woven fabric has good waterproofness and breathability due to its special structure and raw materials used in polypropylene.

It has high filtration efficiency, and integrates functions such as bacteria isolation, poison filtration, heat insulation, warmth, insulation, non-toxicity and non-irritation .

Uses are generally in the areas of filter materials, oil-absorbing materials, sanitary materials .


Yingyang Meltblown fabric

Product nameMelt-blown fabric

Material100% Polypropylene


Width175mm / 260mm

UsageMedical  Health




Third-party test report- FFP3 99+



2.Production line and test video



3. Detailed Images

Roller,details,sample packing


4. Company strength:

Twenty two Melt-blown production lines ,  30 tons a day capacity


In order to ensure the static electricity of the melt-blown fabric meets the standard.

The production workshop is equipped with the electro charging system,

In order to ensure the quality of the products, Sampling and testing are required during the packaging of the product ,

Yingyang has OIL-type test machines and NACL test machine for BFE and PFE.

So as to ensure that the products can reach the standard of 95+/99+.



After the production: Storage and packing are also important to keep the BFE and PFE at a high value. YINGYANG warehouse keep the tempurature at 23.

If the sample is in transit, it is necessary to avoid high temperature and humidity, High temperature and humidity will decrease the BFE and PFE Value.




Q1.Do you have test report?

A: We have test machine in the factory. If customer need third party certificate, we also can offer.

Q2: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are factory and provide competitive price.

Q3: What are the payment terms?

A: We usually accept payment by T/T, L/C, Western Union or Escrow.

Q4 : Where will the orders be shipped from?

A: It will ship from the main ports China. And We will find the shipping company which will offer the best and most economical freight for our customers.

Q5: What is the MOQ for your products?
A: MOQ is 500 kilograms.

Q6: Can I get samples before making an order?
A: Yes, we can provide free samples. Welcome to contact us.