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Application: Used to produce different kinds of spun-laced nonwoven for wet tissue, cleaning wipes, sanitary and medical materials, synthetic leather, and automotive interiors.
Comforter Production LineApplication & techniques For the production of wider width of staple fiber batt use in the production of comforter and other fiber filled products. Length cutting, metering and filling is automatic and can be required with coiling device if necessary. It can product up to120pieces of comforter filling per hour. Main specifications Raw materials Synthetic Fibers such as Polyester fiber, and also natural fibers such as cotton, wool, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber etc Product net width 1500-3200 mm Product weight 60-500 gram/m² Automatic INTERLINING-Filling Production LineApplication & techniques Basically these are fiber openers,pearly fiber ball machines, fiber collector cabinet and automatic filling machines . Automatic interliningfilling line can be made up of various machine types based on the products to be made, fiber types and capacity etc. For those requiring high production of fiber fill pillows, the system of carding,cross lapping and metering of fiber can be provided. It can make 1) pearly fiber ball 2) opened fiber 3) carded fiber with a high degree of resiliency and recovery allowing it to be used for not only pillows but such items as soft toys etc.
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