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A higher speed unit to fold and plait the webs from carding 
machine evenly into the required weight and thickness and
then to feed the batt to the next procedure.
Main specification
Input apron width:      to match card width.
Output apron width:   2500~7600mm
Lapping speed:          ≤100m/min
Product evenness:     CV≤4%
Installed power:          42kw 
● The machine adopts advanced servo motor drive and utilizes special servo motion control linkage.
● The machine has the function of transverse profile for a good evenness in cross direction.
● The machine uses lifetime anti-static light weight lattice transmission system with good lateral stiffness and high conductivity.
● The unit has a high quality and profiled frame with high rigidity and not easily deformed.
● This machine employs unique rectify control with high sensitivity.
● Reciprocation uses high strength synchronized belt drive units.
● The machine running is stable and low noise with long service life.
● Conveying and transmission lattices utilize pneumatic control with constant tension, auto pressure settings and alarm functions giving safe and reliable operation.