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This machine is mainly used for producing designs using single-color or multi-color effects on nonwoven substrates to make pattern and rib carpets, which are widely used for automobile, exhibition, hotel, housing, flooring, blankets, etc.
Main specification   
Raw material:          Synthetic fiber such as Polyester,Polypropylene, etc. 
Product weight:       200-1000 gram/ m2   
Working width:        1200-5600 mm
Pattern width:          180mm or 240mm
Needle stroke:         50mm
Needle frequency:   1000 s/min
●This design of loom adopts a double shaft drive motion, main shaft driving the needle beam up and down in a straight line at a high speed, and the ancillary shaft controlling needle depth and gap.
●Unique grid bed plate structure ensures uniform pattern.
●Servo motor or inverter controlling system to control the pattern stroke advance precisely. 
●The whole machine utilizes PLC interface by touch screen and production parameters clearly displayed on HMI to make operating parameters easy to change, and parameters can be saved.