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This machine is used for fully carding the fiber batt to fiber webs for the next procedure.
Working width:  ≤3500mm
Capacity:  ≤1200kg/h
Installed power:  ≤97kw  
● The card is of modular design allowing for ease of transport and installation.
● It is mounted normally on an 800mm width platform with CE/UL approved walkways allowing for ease of observation and access as required in a safe manner.
● There is a metal detect system fitted whereby the feed rollers are designed to detect metal and will automatically go into reverse for several seconds to reverse any metal away from the card licker-in. Main cylinder equipped with emergency brake system.
● All card main cylinders and main rollers are manufactured in a controlled manner in house and are all dynamically balanced prior to installation.
● All drives are variable speed and synchronized to allow for full automatic control of machines prior to and after the carding system.
● Total sealing of all rollers prevents fiber causing issues with bearing wrap ups.
● All covers are laser cut to give perfect fit and all of them are raised/ lowered by means of air soring and electrical pusher.
● Electronic locking and safety protection of the whole machine is standard and complies with UL/CE requirements.